We still don’t know when we will get our grubby mitts on CD Projekt RED’s long awaited and anticipated CyberPunk 2077, their cyberpunk (bet you couldn’t have guessed that) action RPG that was announced even before The Witcher 3 was. We know development on it is mostly coming along well, and we know that rumours peg it to be shown off this E3- but that’s all we have, really.

Now here’s something more concrete for you- apparently, CD Projekt RED has acquired a new small studio in Wroclow, Strange New Things. The new studio will also be working on the upcoming CyberPunk 2077, CD Projekt RED has confirmed.

Which is great news- given the vision and ambition of CDPR games, it makes sense that more manpower is going to be necessary for them to execute and pull off what they try to do flawlessly. Now hopefully this also means development will proceed far quicker on the game.